Bearing the Queen's Baton Towards Birmingham

by Gloria J. Lloyd

Sister Samantha M. Wills bearing the Queen's Baton

NHS Clinical Supervisor and helicopter paramedic Samantha M. Wills was chosen as one of 2,022 British Batonbearers of the Queen's Baton for the XXII Commonwealth Games in Birmingham during July and August 2022. Samantha is a member of the Sheffield 2nd Ward, Sheffield England Stake.

Kevin Hynes, trustee, Yorkshire Air Ambulance said, 'You are always a torch bearer Sammy, every day. Congratulations on being chosen.'

The Queen's Baton is carried through seventy-two nations and territories by over 7500 international Batonbearers in one epic journey across the Commonwealth. The message it contains from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was read at the game's opening ceremony.

Baton Bearers are selected based on their meaningful contributions to their communities, their willingness to take on a challenge, and inspiring others to do their best. As a helicopter paramedic Samantha has been involved in more than 3500 incidents over the past twenty years, helping people facing emergencies.

Samantha has appeared on the TV programmes 'Helicopter Heroes' and 'Helicopter ER', and assisted with Yorkshire Air Ambulance charity events. She has given lectures at universities and other venues, including FSY conferences, encouraging youth to get involved in community service of all kinds.

She was awarded the Churchill Travelling Fellowship in 2006 to study air ambulance techniques around the world, and authored reports about management of mass medical emergency evacuations by air ambulances.

These contributions led her brother, Michael Wills, to nominate Samantha, and resulted in her proudly bearing the Queen's baton in Saltaire, a World Heritage Site, West Yorkshire.

Supported by family, friends, and colleagues, Samantha said, 'It was a joy and a privilege to participate in this event. I count this happy day among my many special blessings.'

Samantha Wills is a living example of one who follows President Russell M. Nelson's counsel, 'True community begins ... with loving our neighbour; with honouring and serving each other.'