Aylesbury Ward, Watford Stake, help youth with family history

by Andrea J James

Aylesbury Ward Youth Zoom Call

Covid-19 and lockdowns have prevented the youth of the Church in Aylesbury Ward from meeting in person. The Ward’s Youth Council held an online meeting and prepared an online calendar of weekly events for the youth of the ward.

One such recent event was timed to coincide with the Church’s celebration, during the month of October, of ancestors.

Most of the youth had never tried indexing, so a member of the Young Women’s Presidency who had some experience taught the youth how to index while meeting on ‘Zoom’. Each youth, and each leader, logged on to their Family Search account, opened a batch of indexing files and was instructed on how to convert handwritten pages into computer-readable form.

While each youth worked through their page of names, they would send a screenshot to their leaders whenever they encountered a problem, at the same time talking and encouraging each other, and helping solve each other’s problems via the ‘Zoom’ call.

Within an hour a dozen youth and leaders successfully indexed over 200 names, while helping to plant the blessings of family history into the hearts of the next generation.