An Unexpected Blessing from Service

Elder Ruff & Elder Quick

For the last 7 months, we have been helping with our seminary class here in Forlì. Before the Coronavirus, we assisted every Friday night, but when the quarantine started, we ended up helping on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights too. We had to dedicate a lot of time during the week to participate, but we had faith that our service would help the youth.

After forming a really good relationship with the seminary students, one of them told us she had a friend that wanted to get baptized! We were super excited and started teaching her and her friend. After two weeks of teaching with the help of the seminary student, we realized this young woman was ready to be baptized. Last Saturday, we invited her to be baptized on June 6th and she enthusiastically accepted!

We have been able to see the blessings of service, especially with our amazing youth. Experiencing this miracle has helped us to realize that the Lord is completely in control of His work and that patience brings blessings.

Elder Ruff & Elder Quick
Italy Milan Mission