11 Days of Remembrance - Update

11 Days in 11 Ways

The 100-year anniversary of the end of World War I falls on the Sabbath at 11 a.m. on the 11th of November, next month.

Many Stakes and wards may choose to run a Remembrance day sacrament meeting, on themes appropriate to the day, emphasising the joys of the Resurrection. Bishops may plan a Sunday schedule that permits wards and branches to attend their local community’s morning memorial.

An inspirational and moving script has been written for the occasion, focussing on the themes of family, love, loss and redemption. This production of music and the spoken word may be adapted locally by Stakes that want to stage it themselves and invite families, friends and local community leaders to join in an evening devotional on the weekend in November. Look out for local information as to what has been determined for your own Stake.

Between now and November, perhaps you will consider seeking out WWI ancestors from your own family tree. In addition look out for social media posts on the first 11 days of November, which have been reserved for “11 Days of Service” - an opportunity to perform acts of kindness and do good to friends, families and strangers.

Follow our Facebook (lsduk) and Instagram pages (@ldsuk) for regular updates, including daily themes, scriptures and service opportunities.  Each day will draw upon inspiration from themes of love, hope and courage found in letters sent home from the front.  Samples of these letters, videos and other resources will be part of a social media campaign.