Zoe, first Young Adult service missionary in Scotland

by Jackie Ware

Sister Zoe Campbell

Sister Zoe Campbell, 24 years old, is the first young-adult sister in Scotland to undertake a service mission for the Church. She was set apart by her Stake President, President Mcleman, in June 2021.

Zoe was baptised over two years earlier, after meeting missionaries on the street, taking the discussions, and learning for herself the truth of the gospel.

Sister Campbell will be serving in Aberdeen for the next 18 months.

She will be busy working with the local Nuns cooking food each week for those in the city who struggle with poverty. She is also involved with the Care Hub in Aberdeen who work with the homeless providing food, clothing, and cooked meals. She is also signed up to work with the British Heart Foundation in their charity shop.

Zoe is not a teaching missionary but, by her example, she is teaching how to serve as Christ served, reaching out to those who need a little help. She looks forward to the wonderful opportunities for her 18-month mission to be filled with service in the City of Aberdeen.

Service in the community is a great way to get the Church seen, and can open the door to teaching missionaries.