Emotional & Social Help

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This website will assist you as a counselor in addressing emotional/social issues while attending FSY.  The introduction video provides an outline of what is an emotional/social situation and how best to react to a situation.  

Introduction An introduction to why Emotional and Social help is important at FSY


The purpose of the following training is to answer these questions:

  • What does emotional and social help involve at FSY and how can it help?
  • What skills are necessary?
  • How to notice symptoms of emotional/social stress.
  • How to stabilize or de-escalate a situation until professional help can be provided.


This video provides you with listening skills to help those who are experiencing emotional/social stress.



This Video provides you with techniques to identify the signs or symptoms of emotional/social stress.



This Video provides you with skills on what to do when you encounter a concerning emotional/social situation.



  • How can you make FSY a safe social/emotional experience?
  • What skills or strategies you could learn now, to provide psychosocial support to the youth, without being a mental health professional?
  • Know when to seek professional help.

ACTIVITY - Discussion Guide “How can I minister to others during a crisis”

  • Complete FACING CHALLENGES: A SELFHELP GUIDE (pages 12-17) and review it with your family, friends, or support system, share some of your responses and coping strategies. What did you learn about yourself?

  • Review section 2:”IDEAS OF WHAT TO SAY AND DO” (pages 7-9). Practice applying the principles and questions suggested in that section in your daily life situations over the next few days.

  • Role play– youth isolation, listening.