What makes FSY successful?

What makes FSY successful?


Principles and programs The spiritual importance of principles in the gospel is highlighted


Besides all the other aspects discussed in this training and everyone fulfilling her/ his duty at the session, the following principles will ensure a successful session:

Careful Planning
Establishing a relationship with Wards and Stakes
Priesthood Leadership
Principles found in the pamphlet: 'For the Strength of Youth'
The Big 5 Besides the standards found in the 'For the Strength of Youth' Pamphlet, there are no extra 'FSY - only ' rules, except for the Big 5. They keep everyone at FSY safe and should be taught on the first day of FSY. We hope you enjoy this video, created by counsellors in New Zealand.


“Ponder upon the things which you have received” (Doctrine and Covenants 30:3). Prepare and discuss with your team:

  • How are we going to teach the standards in 'For the Strength of Youth'?
  • How will we teach the Big 5
  • How will we work with Wards and Stakes?
  • Which gospel principles do we want to highlight at our session?

Record impressions, findings, and outcomes. “Recording impressions can invite further revelation and strengthen your testimony. It also helps you remember your impressions and share them with others in the future.” (Come, Follow Me)

ACTIVITY - Games Night Games

On Day 3 of FSY Games Night and Cheer Off take place. If you have not seen the video on this activity yet, take a look here:

FSY Wednesday Games Night and Cheer-off


As a personal or Family Home evening activity this week, you might come up with your own Games or play the Family Home Evening Games found here:

FSY Monday Family Home Evening