What is FSY?

Welcome to FSY

Welcome to the FSY online training!
Each training module starts with a spiritual introduction, followed by training videos on the topic of the module. Invite your family, friends or session team to participate in the practical activities. You will also find additional resources at the end of each page for further study and understanding.

All training videos have subtitles in your language available. Choose your language in the Youtube video settings on the bottom right corner of the video. After choosing your language, activate the subtitles by hitting the [cc] button.


A welcome message from the Europe Area Presidency


This training module provides a broad overview on what FSY is, what youth can expect, and how it is organized. In a brief overview, the history of FSY in Europe is explained. Resources to draw upon for a successful conference are also mentioned.

What is FSY? Learn about the purpose, structure, history, and available resources.
What happens at FSY? To get a glimpse of what happens at fsy, watch this video with a preview of a FSY week
What does FSY mean to you? We asked youth and counsellors the following question: what does FSY mean to you?
Available resources As you commence on this journey, consider the resources mentioned in this clip as well as the additional resources listed below.


“Ponder upon the things which you have received” (Doctrine and Covenants 30:3). Prepare and discuss with your team:

  • Create a vision and set goals for your FSY session.
  • How are you going to meet and communicate together as a team?
  • List the principles for which FSY stands for. How will you as an individual and as a team teach these principles?

Record impressions, findings, and outcomes. “Recording impressions can invite further revelation and strengthen your testimony. It also helps you remember your impressions and share them with others in the future.” (Come, Follow Me)

ACTIVITY - The Family Home Evening Activities

Practice the Family Home Evening Activities as listed in the FSY staff handbook.
These activities are building relationships between the youth and their counselor, as well as to the leadership team. You want to make sure you understand the rules and flow of each game so you can teach it to others. Oh, and don’t forget the Family Home Evening treats!