How to help others

people are carrying cans of food

Please visit this site frequently to check for more updates. Latest update on March 11, 2022


All who feel a desire to serve and contribute may choose from the following options:

  • You can give a donation to the Church Humanitarian Aid Fund. You can also give a donation via fast offering in your unit. All donations are useful and will go directly where they are really needed. The church has teams on the ground and is cooperating with other major organizations active in the area. For more information on donations, please contact the local ward/branch leaders in your area.

  • Please avoid driving without a specific assignment to certain locations and borders to offer help or bring donations! For a coordinated effort, please contact your local leaders who can inform you where specific help and action is needed. These leaders may include your local Just Serve Stake Specialist, Bishop, Relief Society President, Elders Quorum President or others assigned to help.

  • If you are located in Hungary, Portugal, Spain or the United Kingdom, please use to identify and participate in local service projects of your area.

Additional Just Serve platforms:

United Kingdom & Ireland:


Please contact your local leaders to find out if your unit has a Just Serve platform via Social Media to join. Additional countries and platforms of Just Serve will be listed here shortly.

You may reach out to local charities and other trusted help organisations in your community to identify ways to help and give donations.

Additional Resources: