The Unseen Investigator

Elder Gyman & Elder McClellan

At the beginning of quarantine, like most everyone else, we were just sending out bunches of Facebook friend requests. For the most part, we sent them out completely randomly, the only qualifier being that they had to live within our area. One of these friend requests turned out to be a young woman by the name of J. We just asked how she has been able to find peace in these crazy times. She replied that she prayed to God and it just took off from there. When we introduced the Book of Mormon, she was like, 'Oh Mormons! I have some friends that are Mormons! '

Her friends actually live in the same city as J. and were very willing to help us teach her. They also speak Spanish, which was handy because J.'s from Cuba and only speaks a little German. They were even able to drop off a Spanish copy of the Book of Mormon to her, which she then read in 2 weeks! (!!!) During our second lesson, J. was very excited about the hope the gospel brings to all people and gladly accepted it.

Much to our surprise, at the beginning of the third lesson, J. suddenly asked if her mother could be baptized into the Church. This caught us completely off guard. J. then explained that her mother, A., had been listening to each of our lessons while hiding behind the camera the entire time. She had never baptized into a church and wanted Juliet to ask us if she was allowed to join our Church. Naturally, we said yes! It wasn't long before we set a baptismal date for them both and got A. on the right side of the camera.

None of this would have been possible without the member family helping us to teach them. Not only were they our translators, but they also bore amazing testimony to J. and A. about their own conversions. They are even leading a Spanish sacrament meeting over video chat for them. We are so grateful for these members and how they continue to help J. and A. come closer to Christ!

Elder Gyman & Elder McClellan
Germany Frankfurt Mission

An additional note from President Jacob Boyer: 'These two elders serve in Wesel, where we historically have not seen large numbers of baptisms, but through these means the Lord led them to the elect and they have two other people on date for baptism.'