Registration for The Rising Generation Choir

Registration for The Rising Generation Choir

Registration for The Rising Generation Choir UK & Ireland 2021 season is now open.

Participation within the choir is open to all youth, young adults, and full-time missionaries between the ages of 11-30.

Registration will be open until 23:59 GMT on Saturday, June 26th, 2021. To register, please fill in your details using the link below, and you will be contacted at the end of the sign-up period.

Any individuals interested in participating in a solo/group performance, instrumental piece, or spoken narration should submit a video recording as explained on the registration form.

Rehearsals for the choir will be held virtually every Thursday from 5:30pm until 7:30pm, commencing on Thursday, July 2nd. Rehearsals will continue through July and August. All relevant information about choir rehearsals, music resources, and other essential information will be provided at the completion of registration.

The registration form can be found here.

Any queries about registration, please contact us via email at

We look forward to singing with you!


~The Rising Generation Choir Team

As part of the registration form and depending on the answers you give you might have to submit a video clip of yourself.

Here is the link to do that:

Fill out the form as follows:

1) Email To. This must have the RG Choir email address
2) Email From. This must be the email address you used as part of the registration form.
3) Message. Anything relevant.
4) Add Files. Click to add and upload the video file you need to send to us.