The Milford Haven August Fast

The Milford Haven August Fast

In recent months the Milford Haven Branch has suffered through the loss of 15 active members who have had to move away for work.

The Milford Haven members, under the direction of President Calvin Williams and President Govier, were challenged, at the Milford Branch Conference, to fast throughout the month of August 2014.  Each member chose a day each and fasted for that time.  In conjunction with this, the Stake council officers also fasted on designated days to double the effort.

Members were asked to fast for a family to move in, a family to be reactivated and a family to be baptised into the branch.

Every single active member of the branch took part in the fast in some form or another, even the primary children.   A number of blessings were forthcoming:

During the fast members were able to gather in sponsor money for the branch walk which raised £165 for the mental health charity Hafal.  This was presented to their officials at the chapel (which included a tour of the building) and another link was made to the community.

The missionaries received a media referral and the investigator, Daniel, immediately asked what he needed to do to be baptised!  He explained that he had read the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price already and knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet!

An unusually large number of tourists and their families came to Church throughout August, more than many of us can remember.  One family have expressed a very keen interest to move to the area in the coming years and one couple from America also have a desire to come for a ‘few years’ and would love to serve as missionaries in the area.

A less active sister and her three children began to come back to church and is now active again.  Her son is a Deacon and is once again enjoying the youth programme.

Youth attended FSY and were privy to spiritual experiences that strengthened them and their resolve to serve full time missions.

The branch members were able to visit the temple as a group.  All but three active members were in attendance and much work was done for our kindred dead showing that not all answers to prayer and fasting come in the way that you would imagine.

The Milford Haven members are now happy to report that the Branch fast has brought them together as one in the gospel, seen an increase in the Spirit and has been successful in achieving the original outcomes.  They also know that the blessings of this fast will not stop just because August is at a close.