The Lord Loves Effort

Elder Edwards

The Lord loves effort. He blesses His servants, who serve Him with all of their heart, might, mind, and strength. He always has and always will. He always provides a way for His faithful servants to accomplish the things He commands. As soon as COVID-19 entered Poland, I knew that as long as I diligently served the Lord, He would provide a means for me to accomplish His work. As a result, I have seen countless miracles serving in Poland during COVID-19.

While serving in Warsaw during the pandemic, my companion and I were able to baptize two people. On top of that, several people attended online Church services, we taught dozens of lessons each week, and we found numerous prepared people to teach. The Lord poured out blessings upon us.

I recently moved to a city called Kraków with a new companion. Neither of us have served in that area, and we were assigned to re-open the missionary work for elders. As we arrived, we immediately had an opportunity to testify of the restored gospel to the two young men who helped us find our apartment. The next day, we put together a plan on how we would start the work in our new area. We set goals and then went to work. We started by talking with the members online and then began to find people through Facebook. Eventually, we began teaching people. Each day, the Lord blessed us more and more as we worked diligently. Now we have a teaching pool of a few people and are finding more potential people to teach each day. The Lord is blessing us 'line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little'.

Recently, we were teaching a man about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon through Facebook Messenger video chat. As we introduced the Book of Mormon to him, the Spirit was so strong. We then read the last two paragraphs of the Introduction. After reading them, the man told us that he felt so emotional that he was ready to tear up. He has been searching for truth and finally found it. It was a testimony to me of the power and divinity of the Book of Mormon. I have witnessed many miracles such as this one as I have been serving the Lord during this time. The Lord allowed us all to stay in Poland and has provided a way for us to move His work forward. I am grateful for the experiences that I've had while serving as a missionary in Poland during the COVID-19 pandemic. This time has truly changed my life for the better. I look forward to what the Lord has in store for the future. 


Elder Edwards
Poland Warsaw Mission