The Conversion Path

Sister Topalli & Sister Morrow

We are teaching our friend K., who is preparing for baptism. He is doing a great job keeping the commitments. He has a hard life and has been through some really difficult things. We are so happy with how much he is progressing. He is watching the Book of Mormon videos, praying, and reading every day. In fact, one day after a lesson with him, he told us that the night before, he had watched one of the videos and felt the Spirit so strongly. He had never felt it like that before and called his fellow-shipper to tell her all about it. He said that he wants that feeling to be with him all the time.

When we teach him, he takes notes and doesn't hesitate to ask questions. He wants to change and become a better person. He is willing to leave everything behind including his old friends. He is willing to change his friends because he is determined to have a life with God. He wants to follow the example of Jesus Christ and not the world. In every lesson with him, he touches our hearts. Even though he is still learning the lessons, he shares everything with his family. Can you believe it?

Some exciting news is that he told us he wants to serve a mission! Our hearts are full with joy. Even though the virus is spreading everywhere, God is working with us. This is a great opportunity to build His Kingdom. If we allow it, this can be a great time to gather Israel and to find those true believers in Christ. We have found that being in lockdown has opened up more opportunities that we didn't have before. We are so grateful for this miracle. This is the Lord's work and we are grateful to be a part of it. 


Sister Topalli & Sister Morrow
England London Mission