.Self-Reliance – Work.

See how the Self-reliance initiative richly blessed Xavi’s life after he decided to participate.
The self-reliance program educates participants to provide for and serve their family and community.
Paulo’s business has gone from strength to strength since his participation in the Starting and Growing My Business course.
Rachel balances growing her business and taking care of her family responsibilities.
Armando and Suela have worked together to build up their own business of refurbishing cars in order to have a stronger and more self-reliant family.
After coming home from his mission, Pedro was invited by a friend to attend a Self-Reliance seminar in his stake.
The Assomada Trade Fair in Cape Verde helped people wanting to start a business or improve their skills in order to become more self-reliant.
In the self-reliance course “My Job Search”, Erikson learns how to prepare successfully for a job interview.
Through the self-reliance program, Jessyka learns how to provide for herself and now helps others to become self-reliant.
It was a constant struggle for Maria da Paz and Bernardino to raise their five children on São Miguel Island in the lovely Azores. See how the self-reliance initiative helped them increase their family’s spirituality.
Through the self-reliance program, Fredson learns how to manage time wisely and find a job.
Andres demonstrates how he and his wife were blessed spiritually, as well as temporally, as he participated in the Self-reliance initiative.