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The temple brings a peace to my heart, even when I don’t understand everything that is going on around me.
It was a miracle that day. I've not forgotten it.
A poem by Rachel Guy
A Swansea Ward member attends the annual Welsh Festival in Idaho to give a presentation on the history of the Church in 19th century Wales.
NHS Clinical Supervisor and helicopter paramedic Samantha M. Wills was chosen as a Batonbearer of the Queen’s Baton for the XXII Commonwealth Games.
With the announcement of their own temple and reformed mission area, the saints of the Birmingham area are preparing for exciting times.
Most significant spiritual experiences occur when we are helping and serving others and accomplishing the Lord’s purpose.
I never cared for household dusting. But one day, this simple act was the reason I was able to take my family to the temple.
Sister Thomas recalls a very memorable ministering visit.
Organisations and individuals from diverse cultures work together to benefit the communities in the Poole Stake.
The Prince of Peace is the answer to reconciling conflicts. He expects us to work in unity with everyone who desires peace.
In 1854, Elders David Jeremy and Daniel Thomas were attacked by a mob while preaching in Llangeler Parish, Carmarthenshire.