Local News Articles

The COVID-19 pandemic forced our missionaries to change how they find, teach and baptise.
An item posted on a local Peterborough Facebook page caught the eye of BBC Radio host Dotty McLeod.
Sam Gray, a fifteen-year-old boy scout took the lead in setting up the JustServe programme in Dublin
Many generations of members have served missions and received sacred temple blessings, because one elder had the courage to stand and declare his testimony
Church receives letter of thanks from NHS Blood and Transplant Service
During lockdown online firesides have become a great source of strength for many members.
After 3 years of faithful service in the England Manchester Mission, Stuart and Sheryl McReynolds bid farewell.
Discover who is behind the church's UK and Ireland Digital Channels Team
Working with Interfaith Scotland on COVID-19
Heritage Tour honours the contributions of early Latter-day Saint conductors from the British Isles
The Book of Mormon Musical lead them to the truth
The theme of the meeting of York Interfaith was on the use of information technology for its purposes