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An extensive set of Welfare and Self Reliance resources of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints available for 40 European countries can now be found on a single website
“My heart rejoices when I think of how … all of these countries in Europe are providing refugee service to families and mothers and children…”
I want to honour my mother and grandmother with all my heart as I reflect on womanhood.
Sister Alder was the first unmarried sister missionary older than thirty, and the first widowed sister missionary formally called to proselytize for the Church.
I felt their genuine warmth, and I wanted to be connected with these sisters. I truly felt the sisterhood of which we talk and read.
Aid to earthquake victims totals more than US$5 million
Heavenly Father heard me, a humble young woman who earned her living in a minister’s home.
I often reflect on the wonderful mothers I have had in my life, especially when Mother’s Day gets close.
I shall be eternally grateful for that wonderful bus ride with its meeting and later friendship and associations.
The greatest reward is the happiness felt when we serve.
Sister Howells example will live on in the hearts of all those who had acquaintance with her.
'On our first date, he began to tell me about Joseph Smith and the restoration.'