.Humanitarian Aid.

The group of volunteers involved came from all over Romania, and even Europe, putting aside work or school to join in with the construction. 
Courageous refugees and European Saints' relief efforts are honored on World Refugee Day 2023
Bringing sustainable clean water and sanitation to rural Tajikistan reflects the goals of World Water Day 2023
Telephone and Facebook chat assistance
Resources to connect you with relief organisations
Latter-day Saint Charities purchases specialized tailoring equipment and supplies for Colori Vivi
Latter-day Saint Charities continues to provide urgently needed help to thousands of Afghan refugees in Germany, the United States and Qatar.
President Henry B. Eyring encourages us to show our faith and love for the Lord though service to others, despite our own trials.
LDS Charities works with government organizations to establish a Vision Care program for Bosnian school children.
LDS Charities help to initiate a Vision Care program for school children with eye problems in Cape Verde.
LDS Charities helped the Mostar based Los Rosales Centre, for adults with cognitive disabilities, to complete a professional kitchen and dining area, for the training and use of its students.
LDS Charities partners with the Croatia Red Cross and Médecins Du Monde to assist refugees in their process of integration.