Church History

From Dundee, Scotland to Liverpool where he would board a ship to travel to America
Owen Ashbaker from Pleasant View, Utah visits the land of his ancestors, Norfolk - England.
Orson F. Whitney was born in Salt Lake City in 1855 and was third generation Latter-Day Saint.
While searching for the true gospel William Solomon described himself as a sheep without a shepherd.
Outside the new Sunderland branch chapel, menacing posters and placards greeted members and missionaries
The Millennial Star of November 1892 includes a Roll of Honour, listing the names of missionaries who died while serving in different parts of the world
By the winter of 1918/1919, British Saints were keen to rebuild their lives and return to normality, but it would be a while yet until they reached that point.
The ‘still small voice’ told me I had to go on a mission. I nearly died with shock
In 1931 James & Elizabeth Wallis arrived in Britain to strengthen the Church and fulfil a unique mission
The Church Builders who laboured in the British Isles were supported by a wide range of support staff, including office administrators, architects, managers, building supervisors, and others
I was curious to know what local libraries might hold relating to the Church.
The story of George Budd (1846-1924)