Church History

William became a prolific author of missionary tracts and Associate Editor of the Millennial Star
Alongside their fellow countrymen, Latter-day Saints responded to the call to serve ‘King and Country’ during the Great War.
The name Ebenezer Beesley may be familiar from the Latter-day Saint hymnbook, as the composer of a number of our current hymn tunes
George from the North East of England was a fundamental instrument in the Church's worldwide microfilm efforts
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A lost history was found, a stone was returned and the church has a prominent position in a Stirling Museum.
The story of Charles and Moroni England who were living together in Heigham, Norfolk
Colchester ward members, present and past, gathered together for a 60’s dance to celebrate and commemorate the dedication of their beautiful chapel
Edinburgh Saints hosted an evening of entertainment, history and food to celebrate.
A historic first occurred when the Church History Council for the UK and Ireland met for the first time.
A powerful monument to the faith and dedication of its members, the Cardiff Stake chapel recently reached its 50th year of existence.
The Foyle Ward of the Belfast Northern Ireland Stake on the Racecourse Road in Londonderry celebrated the 50th anniversary of its dedication on Sunday 6 November 2016.