Church History

The acquisition of Summerfield as the new home of the Liverpool branch.
As an eight year old in 1936 he travelled with his family and church members to the cottage of Charles Jones located close to the Monmouthshire & Brecon canal
The town of Oldham has played an important role in the growth of the church
Samuel R. Brough presided over the Welsh Mission in 1880's.
A well-known building in Belfast used to be place where missionaries used to preach from.
Robert Preston explains the effect his parents had.
President James H. Western 1922-23
As missionaries went to preach they were met by an angry mob
Beith Chapel: For all that was promised
John Halliday’s name appears on a number of documents relating to the Church in Wiltshire
Sister Taylor reminisces about a chapel building they called 'Tin Mission'.
Evan Arthurs served three times as a missionary in Wales