Church History

Elizabeth Bradley served thirty-six years as Relief Society President
Widow Gilbert provided early missionaries including Wilford Woodruff with 'a door open to preach the gospel'
In 1854, Elders David Jeremy and Daniel Thomas were attacked by a mob while preaching in Llangeler Parish, Carmarthenshire.
Are we not blessed to stand on the shoulders of those ‘giants’ who gave faithful and tireless service to the benefit of many?
Baptised 30th January 1842, Peter Farquhar was the first person to join the Church in the north of Scotland.
Most local members emigrated in the mid 1850s and the chapel is long gone, but evidence shows Monkton has earned its place on the map of Church history.
A history of the Cardiff Chapel in Wales
A boy from Bishopton, in the Paisley Scotland Stake, became Judge of Bandera County, Texas.
The Brecon & Abergavenny Canal at Llanfoist Wharf
One worker on the site of the Hyde Park Chapel was struck by the peculiarities of the chapel that he was helping to build.
Limerick Branch: From strength to strength
Elder John Slate Mace, missionary, buried in Leeds