Church History Early

    Outside the new Sunderland branch chapel, menacing posters and placards greeted members and missionaries
    The Millennial Star of November 1892 includes a Roll of Honour, listing the names of missionaries who died while serving in different parts of the world
    By the winter of 1918/1919, British Saints were keen to rebuild their lives and return to normality, but it would be a while yet until they reached that point.
    The 1920s was a difficult period of time for members who faced considerable hostility and prejudice
    The Lancaster Mission Hall and the Disturbances of 1911-1912
    Alongside their fellow countrymen, Latter-day Saints responded to the call to serve ‘King and Country’ during the Great War.
    Rekindling the zeal and dedication of early Church members, the 2013 British Pageant depicted the pivotal history of early British members in song and story performed at the Preston temple site.
    The first missionaries to go overseas were sent to Britain in 1837, only seven years after the Church was founded. A total of seven missionaries were sent, including two members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.