Area Leadership Message

Jesus Christ knows you and makes spiritual guidance available to you when it will be most helpful. We can increase our chances to sense and understand His guidance.
Life has many uncertainties but one thing is certain, that we are all invited to come unto Christ no matter who we are and no matter our circumstances.
Given the complexities of today’s world, achieving self-reliance is often felt as a daunting pursuit. However, if seen from the perspective of faith, it is a conquerable goal.
The pattern established by the Savior is that His Church must meet on the Sabbath to partake of the Sacrament.
The spiritual regimen must include regular spiritual exercises like daily prayer and scripture study, performing service as well as weekly spiritual nourishment.
'The gift of self is an invaluable gift of love which ironically grows larger as we give it away. Perhaps this is what the Savior had in mind when he said, “Whosover will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” (Matthew 16:25)...
General Conferences give us an opportunity to find our King Benjamin talks. These talks that speak so strongly to our hearts, our souls and our spirits, are like manna from Heaven.
Sunday is a day we look forward to. On this special day, we strengthen our relationship with God and with the Savior by going to church and partaking of the sacrament.
The Sabbath provides an unparalleled respite from the cares of our tumultuous world and a rest from our media bombarded lives. It is a time to slow down and enter a world of contemplation.
Finding ancestors brings into our lives the Spirit of Elijah, which refines and strengthens us.
The Savior is the perfect example of love in thought, word, and deed. The scriptures give us insight into His loving nature.
What of us? Do we “buy for other people?” Or are we patient enough to wait so that we do not get into debt except for essentials – possibly education, a house and modest car – and even then we pay them off quickly.