Stronger Connection with God

Sister Belleza

The day we received word that we would be quarantined to our apartments, was the same time as our scheduled weekly planning. With a wandering mind, our emotions and thoughts being tossed to and fro, we knelt in prayer to start our week. It was with this sincere prayer and real intent to continue the work, we showed the Lord that we were still ever willing to serve Him. Whether that be inside, or outside. In the way we want it or not. With this faith and knowledge that this work is still in the Lord's hands, He has blessed us 10-fold--We went from having 3-5 lessons a week to now having about 2-3 a day! And not only are we having lessons, we are seeing progress in our friends that we are teaching. They are feeling the Spirit and seeing the truthfulness of the Gospel. Some are even coming closer to the waters of baptism. Why? Because He has blessed the efforts we continue to give Him. Who would have thought you would be able to feel the Spirit through a Whats App video call?

Ironically, in this time of not being able to have contact with people, this is when on my mission I have had the strongest connection with God. With knowing He is there, feeling Him through this work and seeing His hand continue it. It has been an honor to feel even closer to Him and use that as a testament that He is the Almighty. During this last week, these verses have been coming over and over again into my mind. Doctrine and Covenants 3:1-2: 'The works, and the designs, and the purposes of God cannot be frustrated, neither can they come to naught. For God doth not walk in crooked paths, neither doth he turn to the right hand nor to the left, neither doth he vary from that which he hath said, therefore his paths are straight, and his course is one eternal round.'

The Lord can continue His work anyway He pleases! We are just blessed with the opportunity to be a part of it. I am not worried about what is to come, because I know I'm in whom I have set my trust: in Him, who is all-knowing! And for that, I am privileged to continue serving the Lord in this way and in this time.


Sister Belleza
Vienna, Austria
Alpine Mission