New Course: Strengthening Faith in Jesus Christ

New course

The Europe Area Presidency have recently directed that a resource be developed to help people strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ.  Three couples have been called to teach a new course exploring principles to help people deepen their faith in Jesus Christ and strengthen their relationship with Him.

The course explores:

  • How to deal with the gap between gospel ideals and real life
  • Growing from unproven faith through life's challenges to a deeper faith
  • Dealing positively with questions and doubts
  • Exploring contradictions and paradoxes in a positive way
  • Using the head and the heart in building our faith
  • Emulating the Saviour and choosing to believe

The course draws on a variety of resources to explore gospel doctrines including the scriptures, teachings of prophets and apostles, and the book ‘Faith is Not Blind’ by Bruce & Marie Hafen.

Several courses have already been taught in the past 12 months. Those who have attended have given positive feedback about principles they have learned and understanding they have received, as a result of the discussions shared.

Start dates for the next six courses are shown below and on the attached poster. Courses will be held over Zoom and will run for six consecutive weeks.  We warmly invite anyone who has the desire to deepen their faith in Jesus Christ to attend by contacting one of the course facilitators; Scott & Emma Spencer, Brett and Mandy Boydell or Mark & Sue Tutton.  

Scott & Emma Spencer
Brett & Mandy Boydell
Brett & Mandy Boydell
Mark & Sue Tutton
Mark & Sue Tutton

Course starts:

  • Sunday 6 February with Brett & Mandy Boydell. 
  • Tuesday 8 February with Mark & Sue Tutton. 
  • Sunday 13 February with Scott & Emma Spence. 
  • Sunday 20 March with Brett & Mandy Boydell. 
  • Sunday 24 April with Scott & Emma Spencer. 
  • Tuesday 26 April with Mark & Sue Tutton.