Sharing Church magazines

by Digital Team


The Church magazines are available in printed and digital form—the Liahona for adults, For the Strength of Youth for youth, and the Friend for children. These are translated into a variety of languages. In addition, a digital product called ‘YA Weekly’ provides messages specifically for young adults.

These global magazines are filled with inspirational messages from Church leaders, gospel-teaching activities for families, and faith-promoting stories from members around the world.

In a letter to members worldwide, the First Presidency called the magazines a “valuable resource” for gospel study. “Our desire is that members everywhere will subscribe and welcome this faith-sustaining influence into their hearts and homes” (First Presidency letter, August 14, 2020).

While digital content is available on the Church website (as PDF here and articles here) and the Gospel Library app, printed versions of the magazines are available through subscription. Members can also give a gift subscription through

Magazine gift subscriptions could be given, for example, by ‘ministering’ brothers and sisters to those they visit, by parents to their children, grandparents to their grandchildren, and primary teachers and youth leaders to the children in their classes.

Church leaders can direct new members to the Gospel Library to find the Church magazines, either in the mobile app or on the Church website. According to recent direction from the First Presidency, if new members prefer a printed edition, unit funds should be used to purchase a one-year subscription for them. Additionally, wards and branches should provide ongoing subscriptions to the magazines for children and teens who attend church without their parents.

How to subscribe: 

  • Visit the Church store and make sure the top right indicates that you are in the United Kingdom—the link is here: 
  • Click on the ‘magazines’ tab, and then select ‘subscriptions’
  • Select the Liahona (or whichever magazine you require)
  • Select English, in the drop-down list, for the language 
  • Select whether you want a yearly, or 2-year or 3-year subscription
  • Scroll down and click on ‘Sign In to Add to Cart’ (currently a light-grey box)
  • Use your Church account details to ‘sign in’
  • Go to the cart on the right-hand corner by selecting ‘Go to Cart’
  • Enter your details, delivery, and payment.