Voices of the Great War - Live Broadcast

11 Days in 11 Ways

Hyde Park Chapel, London

The 100-year anniversary of the end of World War 1, falls on the Sabbath at 11am on the 11th of November 2018.

An inspirational and moving script has been written for the occasion, focussing on the themes of family, love, loss and redemption.

This production of music and the spoken word has been adapted locally by stakes across the UK.

A special production will also be broadcast via Facebook Live at 7.00pm, from Hyde Park Chapel in London.

Broadcast Information for 11 Days of Remembrance

To view this live performance, follow on our Facebook page here.

An alternative feed can be found on the Newsroom site here.

The broadcast will be live from 6.45pm for a 7.00pm start time. Be advised that test transmissions will be broadcast throughout Sunday 11th November on the LDSUK Facebook page.

If viewing in a Chapel, please liaise with your Stake or Ward Technology Specialist to connect a laptop via a network cable and then switch off the Wi-Fi via tm.lds.org. It is advisable to test this out well in advance and also check that facebook.com can be accessed on the laptop in the chapel.

You can connect via Wi-Fi, but we advise that a network cable will provide a more stable transmission.

As it is a Facebook Live broadcast, anyone in any location can receive the streaming of this performance on any device capable of receiving Facebook Live.

The broadcast will end at 8.15pm.

Look out for a social media posts on the first 11 days of November, which have been reserved for “11 Days of Service” – an opportunity to perform acts of kindness and do good to friends, families and strangers. Follow our Facebook (ldsuk) and Instagram pages (@ldsuk) for regular updates, including daily themes, scriptures and service opportunities. Each day will draw upon inspiration from themes of love, hope and courage found in letters sent home from the front.