Relief Society Birthday Celebrated by Helping Others

by Carole Burden


Billingham England Stake celebrated Relief Society’s birthday in March this year with an evening of service in behalf of the Blue Light Babies charity.

It felt exciting and so good to be unitedly working together to provide items for worthwhile causes, knowing every item would be carefully washed, sealed in a bag, and given with love to someone who would need and appreciate it.

Sisters could choose to work at any of four stations, each manned by one or two “champions” – sisters ready to teach, explain and support.

At one station, sisters carefully and securely sewed items, including zips, beads, buttons, bells, keys, etc., on to knitted or sewn twiddle muffs for those living with dementia. There is a constant waiting list for these much-appreciated visual, tactile and sensory stimulators.


At a second station, small baby blankets were knitted and crocheted for carrying in ambulances. They are used, along with tiny hats, to warm brand-new babies born in unusual circumstances. 

Colourful little trauma teddies were knitted at the third station, ready to be slipped into drawstring sleeping bags to be carried by traffic police. They are used to bring comfort and reassurance to little ones caught up in awful circumstances.

At the fourth station, beautiful felt-fabric hearts were made and decorated for inclusion in a local hospital’s comfort packs.  These are given to children with parents in end-of-life care. Many stories are told of the comfort that such items bring.

Sisters were generous in donating not only their time and skills but also fabric, wool and items for the twiddle muffs. There was something everyone could do. Hot chocolate was sipped, and home-made cookies nibbled between stitches. Everyone enjoyed being together.

Some sisters learned how to knit and crochet, going home that evening with a new skill and a firm determination to make something useful. Many sisters happily continue to knit, make and donate.