Proud Moment as Mum Receives Erskine 100 Medals Award

Proud Moment as Mum Receives Erskine 100 Medals Award

My mother’s name is Isobel Green and she was born in 1937 in Glasgow, Scotland.  When she was performing in the Palace Theatre Dundee, Dennis Clancy brought missionaries from the church back stage.  She was introduced to them, and was baptised when she was 20 years old. 

When President David B.  Haight was Mission President in Scotland, he decided we should put on a musical play called, “Promised Valley”.  Dennis Clancy played Jed, the male lead, and my mother played his wife Celia, the female lead.  They performed two shows in Glasgow and two in Edinburgh. 


When the Glasgow Stake was formed, David O.  McKay came to the St Andrew’s Halls in Charing Cross, Glasgow to organize this great event, my mother sang a solo, “The Lord’s Prayer”.  She felt honoured to be chosen to sing at this momentous event.

Paul Clancy asked my mother, Anna, her piano player, and Terry Daly to sing after a meal for visiting church dignitaries.  Present at this meal was Gordon B.  Hinckley, who was an Apostle at the time.  He had asked if any of the singers knew “Danny Boy”.  My mother said she did and she included it in her program.  When she had finished singing Danny Boy, he gave her a standing ovation and shook her hand.  She also sang in Johnstone Ward when President Howard W.  Hunter was visiting.  She has found it a privilege to be asked to sing on these different occasions over the years. 

For the past 35 years she has been involved with a charity called the “Not Forgotten Association”.  A woman called Marta Cunningham, who had been visiting wounded soldiers in hospital in London and saw a need to bring something into their lives that would uplift them, set it up in 1920.  They now have a group of performers including my brother Stuart, my sister Eleanor (both professional singers), and Andrew Proctor, our piano accompanist.  They perform in ex-serviceman’s homes in Scotland.  There are about 24 homes who receive two free shows per year.  Recently, while performing in Erskine, my mother was presented with an “Erskine 100 Medals for 100 Heroes” award.  These awards are being presented to commemorate Erskine’s 100 year anniversary.

Speaking of her award her son Stuart said, “I’m so proud of my wee mum who was presented with an Erskine 100 Medals for 100 Heroes.  She’s been singing for over 30 years.  Well done mum!  You deserve it.”

My mother always says how much of a pleasure it is to sing and how grateful she is for being blessed with a voice that brings joy to others.  We are all very proud of her and her achievements.