Primary child lays Royal British Legion wreath

Riley laying a wreath
Riley standing next to the wreaths

11-year-old Riley Quigley has a few challenges that normally would stop him being able to attend an event where there are crowds and a lot of noise.

On Wednesday the 11th of November 2020, during the lockdown, Riley went with his aunt to the Poole Park War Memorial and, on behalf of Poole Ward of the Poole Stake, very thoughtfully laid a Royal British Legion poppy wreath.  

After laying the wreath, Riley said that it made him feel very proud to have been able to do something as special as that.

He then went around and helped tidy up some of the other wreaths that had previously been laid but had been blown about by the wind because “they needed to look nice and tidy for the soldiers who died”.

His Bishop, Ben Silsby, said, “He looked so smart and respectful.  I am very proud of him”