New Area President speaks at EuroSeminar

Elder Sabin
Elder Sabin

President Sabin has recently been assigned as President of the Europe Area Presidency.  In July 2019, as keynote speaker, he attended the Euroseminar in Prague for young members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He spoke of the joy that we felt in the pre-earth life and posed the question, “What was all that shouting about?” It was about having the right to choose; to choose to return to our Father in Heaven. 

He advised that we can make a fresh start every day; we can write our own history, starting now. He encouraged young adults to align their beliefs with the truth, to exercise their faith by following the map that takes them where they want to go.

He instructed them to drink from the water that is pure. Sometimes there will be tests; always do more than you are paid for and never stop learning. When things turn out different than expected, live with it. 

Artificiality is never the real thing. He once met someone who described himself as a ‘professor of habits’. President Sabin proclaimed that the Saviour was the supreme professor of habits. The secret of happiness is to be the ‘true you’. Doors can be difficult to open and sometimes we can be afraid to enter. 

He spoke of some of the Christlike characteristics we should develop and assured attendees that eternal families bring joy; that we should trust God and not Facebook. 

He pointed out that we will never be happier than we are grateful. His hope is that we invite people back to church. He said, “We all need to understand the gospel even though it is sometimes hard.” He knew the Lord enough to know that He takes the weight from off him. He is real.

When there is tragedy, you either go down or look up. We chose to look up. Even though life is sometimes uphill, it’s the way home. He encouraged everyone to make a record of their lives and left his blessings on all areas of these young people’s lives.