Meltham Ward Sign Language Class

Meltham Ward Sign Language Class

When their cousin Laura was born deaf, sisters Abigail, Megan and Elena Platt decided to learn how to sign so that they could communicate with her. Now grown up and in some cases married, they are putting this talent to good use by holding sign language classes to teach others the same skill.

Along with their cousin Amy Beaumont, who is sister to Laura, the three sisters welcomed over 50 people to their most recent 10-week course, based on BSL Level 1, which was held at Meltham Ward Chapel in the Huddersfield Stake. Over thirty of those attending were nonmembers from all walks of life, keen to expand their knowledge.

“Sign language is a valuable skill,” explains Megan, “and is useful for friends and family members simply looking for a better way to communicate with their loved ones, but can also be a great asset in the workplace. Several of our attendees were employed in schools.”

The ward used social media to promote the course to local schools and the larger community, and over the past year more than one hundred nonmembers have visited this rural Yorkshire ward to attend classes.

“By holding the lessons in the chapel with the missionaries joining in, and by closing with a blessing on the refreshments, we help people see our faith in a nonthreatening way,” observes Megan.

“We keep trying different events and promoting them in different ways so we can see what works best to raise the profile of the gospel,” added Bishop Sam Bridgstock. “What these sisters have done is a remarkable example of that.”