Lichfield YSA Temple Trip

Lichfield YSA Temple Trip

In line with the Europe Area Plan for 2015 to ‘discover the blessings of enabling the work of salvation for our ancestors’, the Presidency of the Lichfield England Stake set a goal for each member to find twelve ancestors and take their names to the temple for their ordinance work to be performed.

Eighteen Young Single Adults (YSA) took up the challenge, completed the Institute Family History course, found their family names and on 17th and 18th July attended the Preston Temple to perform their work.

The group completed three sessions in the baptistry, giving returned missionaries the opportunity to experience and understand all the priesthood duties involved in this aspect of temple work. Johnny Van Tonder said of his experience, “It was great to do missionary work for the dead and feel the Spirit so strongly.”

Nathaniel Lake, a disabled YSA from Walsall, was assisted by the young people to enable him to take part. “I spent the majority of the trip doing confirmations, both being confirmed and confirming others,” he explained. “Overall the experience left me feeling very upbeat and grateful for having previously received my temple endowment.”

Louise from Wolverhampton is a convert. “The temple was beautiful,” she enthused. “Doing work for ancestors was the most spiritual experience I ever had.”

Among the group were a number of YSA who plan to serve full-time missions. They were able to visit the Mission Training Centre (MTC). Ash Mukherji of Wolverhampton commented, “I am grateful for the opportunity to visit the MTC. I look forward to being able to teach people about the restored Gospel and share how it has changed my life.”

The weekend ended with a tour of the historical sites around Preston.

Lichfield Young Single Adults certainly discovered for themselves the blessings that can come not only to their forebears but also to themselves as they engage in the work of salvation for their ancestors. It is hoped that similar visits to the temple will become an annual event for the YSA of their Stake.