Journeying Towards Becoming a Latter-day Saint Chaplain in the British Military

By Joel Matthews

Joel Matthews

After experiencing a life-changing miracle in 2017, there were some important decisions that had to be made in my life. One of these revolved around my future employment. Living within close proximity to the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, I assessed the opportunities in joining the British Army and felt deeply impressed that I needed to apply for the position of chaplain.

Following this inspiration, and to prepare myself for a time when Latter-day Saints will be permitted to apply, I enrolled on an undergraduate course at St Mary’s University Twickenham, studying a BA in Theology, Religion, and Ethics. Now patiently waiting for The Church of Jesus Christ to be accepted as a ‘sending church,’ having since graduated with First Class Honours, I am striving to enhance my ability and knowledge by studying an MA in Theology.

By trusting the Lord with all my heart and refusing to lean on my own understanding, I have witnessed His hand personally preparing the way and opening doors for future Latter-day Saint chaplains. Furthermore, having acted upon the Spirit’s promptings and trusting in the Lord’s plan, I am humbled at the prospect of becoming a Latter-day Saint chaplain in the British military.

It would be a special honour to serve my country. Furthermore, it will be a privilege in bringing hope and joy to all those I will potentially serve, and more importantly ensuring Christ’s love is extended to each of His children.

Finally, it is my testimony that with God’s help, nothing is impossible.