Inter-Faith Musical Evening

Inter-Faith Musical Evening

On a Spring Sunday evening a musical event involving a range of faith groups was held at Southwark Cathedral, London, including members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   This followed attendance last summer by a member at a Forum about Community Service which was organised by Southwark Cathedral Faith group. The musical evening was a way of continuing the momentum and members of different faiths were invited to perform short songs or instrumental pieces.

Verona Briscoe, Music Leader of the Manna Road Gospel Choir, was approached and readily agreed to participate. The group consists of members from the Wandsworth Stake who have performed at many different events.

The evening began with opening remarks from a member of the Cathedral clergy about the place of music as part of spiritual life. This was followed by musical performances from members of the Hindu and Sikh faiths and from different Christian denominations, including our own. The Sikh group consisted of children who not only sang but played musical instruments in a very impressive way. One of the members of the Manna Road Gospel Choir introduced the group by giving a brief explanation about the Church and the role music as part of worship. They performed three songs, ending the event with 'The Lord’s Prayer' sung in Swahili.

'The Lord’s Prayer

The evening was a great success, enjoyed by all. Learning was gained and friendships were developed.