“Glasgow The Caring City”, helps care for refugees

by Mitch MacKenzie

“Glasgow The Caring City”, helps care for refugees

Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have encouraged members of the Church to look at the suffering of the 1.25 million refugees coming to Europe. These people endure a perilous journey as they leave behind the turmoil and war in their native lands. Patrick Kearon, Europe Area President, who directs the faith’s relief efforts in the UK and Europe said, “Their story, is our story, and not that long ago.” He added, “Early members of the church were violently driven from their homes and farms (in the Mid-West of America) over and over again. This moment does not define the refugees, but our response will help define us.”

In response to this encouragement to act, members of the Church from eight wards across Glasgow, Scotland, decided to work in conjunction with “Glasgow The Caring City”, a Scottish charity which supports children in crisis at home and overseas.

Several events were held over a number of months. A number of clothing drives took place with the collection and sorting being handled by the youth group of the church. A dance concert was held at the Mitchell Library Theatre in Glasgow featuring the internationally acclaimed Brigham Young University Ballroom Dancers – the event raised over £700.

In a further act of support for the charity, the young people of the Church converged on “Glasgow The Caring City’s” new warehouse and helped to paint, tidy and clean the building. Irene Richardson, a member and a volunteer who works with the youth said, “The young people were pleased to work in the community and represent the church.”