Getting Reacquainted with an Old Friend

Elder Watling

One of my old school friends saw my 'Hope in Christ' video and messaged me. We got to talking about general life things, like what he had been doing, work, etc. After taking the time to fully catch up (and practically rebuilding our friendship because it had been so long), he asked me what I was doing. I told him I was currently serving a mission for the Church. I asked if he had ever heard of the Church before and he said that he vaguely remembered me saying something about it at school. I couldn't believe I'd gone through school with him, but that he never knew I went to our Church! I thought I had told him about it, but it turns out I hadn't!

I then taught a basic overview of the Church and answered the questions he had. I kept things simple--teaching to his understanding, which was very basic. I asked him if he had ever seen missionaries before or even talked with them. He said he had, but that they didn't talk long. I asked if he remembered anything that they talked about. He said they had told him about a book, but that he didn't take the Book of Mormon they offered at the time. I then gave him a run down about the Book of Mormon. I taught him a brief lesson of what it is, where it came from, and how we can use it in our lives--because that's the most essential part. I explained that it's all well and good to read from the Book of Mormon, but if we fail to apply the teachings and principles it provides, then we obviously missed something pretty big. This easy-going conversation about the Book of Mormon led to him saying he would be interested in knowing more. As a result, I put him in contact with the sister missionaries back home and he has already had one Skype lesson with them! 

Elder Watling
Newcastle Emlyn, Wales England
England Birmingham Mission