From The Book of Mormon Musical to Baptism

by Kenneth Jørgensen


During trips to Newcastle, 17-year-old Aidan and his mother went to see various shows. One of these was the “Book of Mormon” musical.

After leaving the show, they encountered some real missionaries standing outside. Curious to know more of the Church, Aidan set up an appointment for him to meet with them another day. Aidan has always believed in God, been interested in hearing about different religions and has been curious to find and meet with missionaries.

When the missionaries spoke of the plan of salvation, the restoration, and the Book of Mormon, Aiden felt this is exactly what he had been waiting for all this time. It immediately made sense to him. In between the lessons Aidan also did his own further research into the beliefs of the Church. He quickly decided to be baptised.

Aidan’s mother has been very supportive of her son’s decision to join. From the beginning, she attended church with him in Alnwick, Northumberland to support his wishes. One local member said “It has been great to watch them attend church together, and you can only admire the mother with the way she both protects and supports him”.

As the months have gone by, Aidan’s mother also decided she wanted to be baptised.

As people embrace their curiosity, seek out authentic sources, and explore their faith together, miracles can occur.