Forever Friend

by Rachel Guy

A hand reaching out to a friend

In my dream, I walked along a road-

The Saviour led the way.

He told me of all the things He’d made,

And His rest on the seventh day.

He showed me the birds and the creatures,

The mountains, the flowers, the lakes.

He told me about His people,

And the joy in them He takes.

Then He showed me the paths of mortality,

With pitfalls and burdens to bear,

And the promise of life eternal

For all we would suffer there.

He showed me the life I’ve lived so far

And all I’d yet endure.

He held my hand and hushed my tears

While he spoke about a cure.

‘Lord, how is this possible?

How can this be true?’

Then he led me to another,

Whose face I thought I knew.

‘And who is this creation?’

His expression kind and wise.

I took comfort in her smile and

The light shining in her eyes.

‘This creation is most important

I call her “Forever Friend”,

She is someone who will help you through,

On whom you can depend.

Her purpose is pure and simple,

It’s only ever to be

The kind and loving acceptance

That you would find in me,

If I were walking beside you,

Though at times, I will be there,

Your friend can hold your hand,

And show you that I care.

I use these beautiful friends

To work as if my hands

And through their touch and their embrace

You can navigate difficult lands.

So when you feel discouraged,

Or like you are alone,

Forever friend can pick you up

And point the way back home.

Most importantly she’s there

As a vehicle for me,

So wherever you so-journ in life,

I can always be.’

I looked at Him in wonder

Then back to the face I knew.

I reflected on my times with her,

And knew that it was true.

For in my darkest place,

She was always there.

The love she showed had buoyed me up,

And my burdens she would share.

Finally understanding,

I silently gave a nod,

For to love another person

Is to see the face of God.