14 April 2019

First Chinese YSA Sacrament Meeting in Manchester YSA Ward

Manchester YSA Ward

Since September of last year the church has held the second hour Sunday meeting in Mandarin to cater for the young chinese members who have joined the church in Manchester.

On Sunday 14th April 2019 the church will hold the first sacrament meeting to be conducted in Mandarin at the Manchester YSA Ward starting at 10:30am. This will be followed by the second hour meeting also conducted in Mandarin. 

To start with the sacrament meeting will be once a month and the hope is these will be more frequent in the future.

Elder and Sister Quinn work together with three sets of missionaries with a Chinese speaker to serve the Chinese members in the area. The Manchester YSA building can be found at M1 7XN.

The church already has a Mandarin speaking branch in Newcastle upon Tyne for people of all ages.

Manchester YSA Mandarin
Manchester YSA Mandarin