Family History and Missionary Work

Sister Yates

When I first arrived in Falkirk, Scotland as part of my mission reassignment, I just couldn't believe what was happening. I was serving only half an hour from my home, while just a few weeks earlier I had been a missionary in Jamaica. I initially questioned why I had been reassigned to serve in my home mission. I was perfectly capable of serving elsewhere in the U.K., but somehow I'd 'drawn the short straw.' While in Jamaica, I had the privilege of meeting Elder Dale G. Renlund, an Apostle of the Lord. He invited us as missionaries to earnestly pray to understand why we had been assigned to serve in our mission. I did so in Jamaica and I received an answer. I knew I should now do the same for the Scotland/Ireland Mission.

Facebook Post

After much prayer, I received small answers which encouraged me each day. As I worked harder and dedicated myself to doing the will of the Lord, I stumbled upon a greater answer. I had the impression that I should find new people to teach through family history. I decided to look at a map on FamilySearch to see if I had any ancestors nearby that I could talk about in a Facebook post. This would hopefully lead to many conversations with people about their own families and even temple work too.

I discovered that I had ancestors from Falkirk itself as well as its surrounding areas. I had never known this before. I also discovered that much information was missing from my family members' history. I created a Facebook post that I put on a page that was primarily filled with people looking for information about their ancestors. I couldn't believe the finding opportunities I had from then on. Not only did I have the chance to speak to many people about eternal families and temple work, I found new friends to teach and strengthened my own testimony of family history work. Best of all, I even learned more about my own family members.

Facebook post about Family History

Through direction from the Lord's Spirit and an inspired assignment to serve in Falkirk, I was able to find enough information to do the temple work for my 4th great-grandmother, who can now also be sealed to her husband and parents. This would never have happened, at least by me, if I was not serving in this specific area within the Scotland/Ireland Mission. It was never in my plans as a missionary to do family history work, but I now understand that this sacred work is taking place on earth and in the spirit world. Heaven is closer than we think. I am so grateful for the magnificent miracle of bringing souls on both sides of the veil unto Christ. I am so glad to be here. I love this mission, I love this work, and most importantly, I adore my Saviour and my Heavenly Father. 

Sister Yates
Scotland / Ireland Mission