Easter Morning Baptism

Elder Garrett & Elder Meldrum

The first couple days in quarantine were a big learning curve, keeping contact with our friends became very difficult and many people thought a Skype lesson was a little odd. Luckily for us this is the Lord's work and He is preparing His children 24/7 no matter the circumstances.

F. is one of these perfect examples. F. has in a way grown up around the Church as her stepmom (who moved in with her when she was 9 years old) was a member of the Church. Although accustomed to the Church in many ways, F. never really attended or had much more of an interest other than the odd things she saw her mom do. However, over all these years the Lord was preparing her and one day while visiting her dad in an assisted living home, two missionaries came to give him a blessing on request from her stepmom. The Spirit she felt during this blessing really opened the door for Heavenly Father to begin working with her.

A couple months later, she was contacted by a very good missionary, who was looking for more appointments while visiting a previous area. F. accepted to meet and it all just took off from there. She began to read, pray, and even dropped coffee way before we got there. We often times felt like we weren't even teaching her as when we brought up certain topics she would proceed to tell us how she had already studied it on the Church website, followed by a perfect explanation of what it was.

Teaching F. for us has been an amazing reminder that the Lord is preparing people here in Norway and also a reminder that you just need to be doing your best and He will let you see blessings along the way. F. has an amazing support system around her from the ward and we are excited to see where her testimony and drive to study the scriptures takes her. 


Elder Garrett & Elder Meldrum
Norway Oslo Mission