During fifty golden years of marriage, He was there

Elder and Sister Thomas
the Thomas family

Our marriage began by making sacred covenants to each other and with Heavenly Father. We promised to keep His commandments and remain eternally faithful and devoted to each other.  We have never wavered from those covenants.  In return, we have received the choicest blessings of peace and happiness.

As newlyweds, David began studying law. Some months later, life was interrupted when David had to leave law school to serve in the U.S. Army as a soldier in the Vietnam War.  Paula and our new baby stayed behind. David was protected during his year of combat service, and he returned home safely.  Our faith and trust in God, and the help of our families, enabled us to have great courage during the time of separation, especially when our second baby was born.

Eventually we had eight children, and soon we will welcome our 22nd grandchild.  Each one is a vital and beloved member of our God-given eternal family.

Now we are companions, contributing our skills, experience, energy and faith for our Savior and our Church as volunteer missionaries in Germany.  We celebrated our golden wedding anniversary during this blessed time.

We give ourselves fully to the needs of each other. We try to avoid contention by resolving problems respectfully, honestly, and lovingly with a dose of humor. The result is gratitude and joy in being together.