Cabinet Minister and Mayor attend Loughborough Ward WW1 Commemoration

Cabinet Minister and Mayor attend Loughborough Ward WW1 Commemoration

The Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP and Minister of State for Education and Women’s Equality gave a reading at a World War 1 Commemoration held in the Loughborough LDS Chapel on Sunday evening the 2nd of November 2014.

Members of the Loughborough congregation and from around the Leicester area presented readings and musical items to the delight of the more than 350 who attended, including many, like the Mayor of Charnwood, Councillor Paul Day, who had never before been inside the building.

Particular highlights of the evening included introductory remarks by Major Adrian Iswariah, a member of the Loughborough congregation, currently serving in the Royal Engineers, and a moving performance of “O Divine Redeemer” by three young women in the ward, accompanied on the harp. A memorable moment occurred when Jean Rourke told of her late husband’s grandfather who had been killed on the Somme in World War One. Her 14 year old grandson Joshua, standing beside her, related his recent visit to that Memorial in northern France where he had found the name of J. Rourke – his Great, Great, Grandfather – engraved on the walls of the Monument.

As a result of some meticulous work by Kevin Lowe, the foyers and walls of the chapel were covered with illustrations documenting the lives and service of over 100 Loughborough men who were involved in the conflicts of the war.

The local Royal British Legion marched in bearing their Standards as the National Anthem was sung and marched them out after a cornet sounded the Last Post. Other musical offerings included harp and oboe solos, a ladies Octet, and the stake choir. The hymns were accompanied by a brass ensemble which also played a special arrangement of “Bring Him Home”. The most rousing experience of the evening, apart from the singing of “Jerusalem” by the entire congregation, happened when three ward members led the congregation in the singing of popular songs from that era which included “Pack Up Your Troubles” and “Keep The Home Fires Burning”.

Before the evening commenced the guests were taken on a tour of the building by local Public Affairs leaders, which included a Family History demonstration. Following the commemorative concert, the local Mayor and Mrs Morgan MP were presented with gifts.

As a service to the community, the whole event engendered much good feeling towards the Church and helped to strengthen relations with the people of Loughborough. Most especially, those thousands of individuals who gave their lives to secure our present freedoms were honoured and remembered.