British Pageant Team Meet Together in Preparation for 2023 Performances

British Pageant

The 2023 British Pageant leadership team met in Loughborough to continue the planning and preparation for the summer of 2023.

The vision of the leadership team and all those involved in the pageant is to 'Bring people closer to Christ through a transformational experience that shares our legacy of faith in our Saviour and the blessings of the covenant path.”

This was foremost in the minds of those attending the meeting, as Pageant President Craig Wright describes- 'It was a very special experience to be able to come together as a leadership team, with our hearts knit together in unity and love, to consider what more we could do to bring this wonderful British Pageant vision to pass. It was also a great blessing to be guided by the inspired watch-care of Elder Mark Stewart, who presided at our meeting. We invite all members, and your friends, to 'come and see' and share in this life-changing experience, that will help bring us all closer to our Saviour, Jesus Christ.'

The British Pageant powerfully portrays the journey of faith of early British converts to the church, and has successfully been held at the Preston Temple site in 2013 and 2017. This is one of only a handful of pageants the First Presidency have mandated this leadership team to prepare and deliver, together with hundreds of volunteers from across the country and around the world.

Sue Arnold, Asst. Creative Director stated: 'As we met together, we were able to identify and discuss key milestones in each area that will contribute to making the pageant experience a truly uplifting one– for all. It is exciting to see how plans are coming together and to hear about new technology that will be available to greatly enrich the experience. This is so much more than a theatrical event. The pageant enables us to gather together as friends, families, and as saints in our thousands; and in doing so, to remember the legacy of faith that is in this land. The purpose of the pageant is to bring us all closer to our Saviour Jesus Christ and it can be a transformational experience for each person that participates, in whatever way.'

To enhance the engagement of visitors, Keith Penfold of Family Search was also part of the group yesterday, as the team looked to implement the fun and interactive Discovery Experience as one of the activities. This will enable visitors to potentially find ancestors who are portrayed in the pageant, and a host of other engaging and explorative digital activities.

The pageant will take place the first two weeks of August 2023 at the Preston, England Temple site. Tickets became available free of charge in January 2023, and all are welcome to attend.