Bringing Light to People's Lives

Sister Meisenfelder & Sister Costa

Thanks to our wonderful mission, we have the opportunity to use Facebook as a tool to contact people. What we do as a mission is make 'Vlogs!' We use our creativity, gospel knowledge and hit people with an important question in life in 30 seconds.

We got a call from the office one day asking us if we could make a vlog. We did so and had no idea what the aftermath of making this blog would be. The office posted our VLOG up on Facebook and BOOM! 1, 2, 3,....10 people and more started contacting us. For once in a lifetime they were contacting us! We have had the opportunity to talk to over 40 people through our Vlogs using WhatsApp as a texting tool. What a blessing it has been to share our testimonies about Jesus Christ and God with these people who we don't know, but have such a great connection to. There is an example of this girl who texted us through the Vlog. She told us right off the bat her insecurities, and why she doesn't feel enough or adequate in this world. We then shared with her how much God loves her and how much worth she has in God's eyes. The principles we shared with her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ we know touched her heart, and she still writes us today because the Light of Christ is working in her! There were many other instances in comparison with this one, and they are continuing! We have so much power as missionaries to bring light to people life in the world. It is because we have a message which changes people lives forever. We don't have time to waste. Through technology we can do so much! :) We are so thankful the work of the Lord can continue even in quarantine.

Like our office Elders say, 'No unsanitized hand can stop the work of the Lord.' God loves you and he loves the world! The virus is a bigger blessing than we thought!

Miracles happen,

Sister Meisenfelder & Sister Costa
Basel, Switzerland
Alpine Mission