Baptism Though a Referral on Facebook

A referral given by a member on Facebook leads to a man being taught and baptized in Portugal

We had just gotten our Facebook page up and running at the beginning of May, when almost immediately, a member here in Setúbal commented on one of our videos. She told us about a friend that we needed to meet. We then set up a time to have a lesson via Messenger and that is how we first met P.

That day, our minds were blown. As we conversed with P. and got to know each other, he told us about the challenge that his friend had recently given him. Around General Conference time, she had challenged him to read the Book of Mormon in two weeks. He decided to go for it, and had completely read it before we ever talked to him. After finishing the book, he asked his friend, “What’s next?” She proceeded to give him the Doctrine & Covenants. The first time we spoke with him, he was already in Section 109.

P. told us, “I like the way your church is organized, it’s very logical.” Our first video call lasted about 20 minutes. We then decided to set up a time to talk in person at the chapel. This  was the first of many lessons that would knock us (as missionaries) out of our chairs. The only word that can be used to describe P. is: PREPARED. We may have taught him the lessons  and been his friends, but he was prepared by the Spirit well before we first spoke to him.

Elder Dimmitt & Elder Klein
Elder Dimmitt & Elder Klein

P. has shown a true desire to learn. He would actually study everything we invited him to review and come to the lessons ready to talk about it. Our meetings became less “lesson-like”  and more akin to conversations between friends. We would talk about what was bothering him or whatever questions he might have had. His member friend would accompany him to nearly every lesson. She helped us to explain certain concepts and testified alongside us. She was a great help and was able to talk with him between our various meetings about the things that he was learning.

We did our best, his friend did her best, but in the end, P. did most of the work. He worked for the change necessary to prepare himself for making his first covenant, and he has strived  to become better every day. We were there when needed, his friend was by his side the entire time, and the Spirit helped him get to where he is today. It was a great honor to see P. enter the waters of baptism and then receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, after having witnessed the progress he had worked for day after day, week after week.

Elder Dimmitt & Elder Klein

Portugal Lisbon Mission