Article Submissions for UK/Ireland Local Pages

This is a resource page for National and Local DPAs

Article Submissions for UK/Ireland Local Pages
Submission Form
Article Submission Form Download

How to download the form

The download our interactive submission form. Please click the 'circle with the three dots' under the image on the right to reveal the download link.

Right-click the link and choose 'Save link as' to download to your computer.

What you will need to open the form

You will need to install 'Adobe Acrobat Reader' on your computer. This program is free to download and install from the Adobe website.

(Sorry we are not allowed to supply a link to the Adobe homepage, so please just use Google to find it)

Once installed open the submission form and complete the checklist at the top.

(See image below for reference)

check list

Important steps to completing the form

The following steps will help in the submission process:

  1. Fill in the 'Article information' section as best you can. The more contact information we have the quicker we can respond to any issues or queries we may have.
  2. When completing the text/copy for the article, write it first in 'MS Word' or similar application, save it to your computer, then once you are happy it is complete 'copy and paste' it into our form.
  3. Adding photos and captions is an important part of the submission process, however once added to the form you will still be required to send the original photos along with the submission form.

Submitting the form

There are two ways to submit this form:

  1. Via the built-in submission button
  2. Saved as a separate file on your computer and added as an attachment via your email software

Both of the options above will still require you to also attach all the supporting images/photos and permission forms.

Permission forms

The images below include links to the 'Creative Works Agreement' and the 'Release to Use Image' forms that will be required for any article to appear in the Ensign local pages.

Please click the link icon and then right-click and save to your computer for use.

Creative License