A Flight Attendant is Taught After Boarding Missionaries for a Flight

A Flight Attendant was impressed by Missionaries boarding her plane. She ends up receiving Missionary Lessons.

R. is a flight attendant. About a year ago at work, she saw a large group of elders waiting to board a plane to Africa. Confused about why so many nicely-dressed young men were heading to Ghana, she asked the last few that she checked in what they were doing. They replied, 'We're missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! We're going to serve the Lord and others for two years.

Sister Missionaries Photograph
Sister Lizzy Cassat and Sister Emma Louise Jaggi

R. was so impressed that she immediately looked up the name of the Church upon returning home. Reading through the Church website and thinking about the young men's dedication inspired her to study the Bible--even though she had not been raised religious. She began reading 7 pages a day with the goal of finishing it  before the end of this year. After somehow finding one of our missionary email addresses, she told us her story and what she was doing. We responded, but she never wrote back. A month or so later, we suddenly thought about her again and decided to try looking for her on Facebook. We ended up finding her this way and started messaging her! After a while of having  contact back and forth, we began teaching her the missionary lessons. She now reads the Bible and the Book of Mormon every day. She has received an answer that the gospel was restored and is true. R. now even has a desire to be baptized!

Sister Lizzy Cassat
Sister Emma Louise Jaggi
Belgium / Netherlands Mission