A Baptism in Vietnam

A friend request on Facebook led to a baptism in Vietnam. Technology has the made the world very small.

Here is a cool miracle I had thanks to Facebook! Everyone knows how on social media you get random friend requests--sometimes from people you don't know. Personally, I have always ignored them, but a couple weeks ago I got a friend request from R. (that's the English name she uses in Vietnam.) I had no idea who she was, but the thought popped into my head that I'm also sending friend requests to a bunch of random people and they all send me the same message, 'Do we know each other?' So I decided to do the same and sent her, 'Hey! Do we know each other?!?' We didn't know each other but just had some mutual friends.

We started talking and this is where it started to get crazy! At some point, I asked her if she had ever heard of the Book of Mormon. She responded, 'I have heard about that book and it is a very good book, it is the most accurate book in the world and says that one can draw closer to God by following its teachings in this book than any other book.' At this point I thought she must already be a member, but I had to make sure. I replied, 'That is very, very, very true! Have you had the chance to read it?' She answered by saying, 'I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to read it, but I heard it from my grandfather and he was told by the pastor.' My jaw dropped when I read that. I was absolutely stunned! I asked if she wanted a copy and one thing lead to another and she started meeting with the elders in Vietnam!

R. set a baptismal date after a couple meetings! Unfortunately, that date had to be delayed because of some trials with health and family and later by COVID 19. Despite all that, she stayed involved with the members in her area, she often shared gospel messages on Facebook, and she continued to meet with missionaries! Several weeks ago, she was finally baptized and thanks to technology, I was able to watch it via Zoom! She now has the goal to go on a mission next year!

Elder Wheatley & Elder Kellmer
Elder Wheatley & Elder Kellmer

There are people all over the world prepared for the gospel and we have the chance to find them--even on Facebook. I was in BiaƂystok, a small city in the northeastern part of Poland when I found Rachel in Vietnam. Technology has the made the world very small.

Elder Wheatley
Poland Warsaw Mission