19 year old honour his Great Grandfather who served in WW1

by Debbie Sayers Fullwood


A missionary, serving in Manchester Mission, expressed honour at being able to attend Remembrance Day Services, in memory of his Great Grandfather. William Inkley (pictured left), who served in the 91st division, U.S. Army, during World War 1, witnessed the signing of the Armistice. 

19-year-old Taylor Inkley (pictured right) told his ancestors story, ’Great Grandad Bill, having spent the voyage on deck due to seasickness, arrived in Liverpool, England, July 17th, 1918, with his regiment of mainly Utah boys. He was receiving training in France by July 29th and quickly saw action, on September 29th, in the Meuse-Argonne offensive. 

Recording the terror of the trenches, barbed wire and thick French forest undergrowth. The operation degraded Germanys war efforts. William described being a sniper, hiding in trees to fire at the enemy, then spending hours up to his neck in mud, camouflaged, with only his head visible to breathe. He wondered if he would ever get out alive.’ William was born in 1890 in Salt Lake City. His Patriarchal Blessing said, ‘Be ye careful and wise and the missiles of death will pass you by and you will be able to return to your mountain home.’ Taylor retells how this was fulfilled, ‘While on guard patrol, William stopped to talk to soldiers at their post. They could hear the roar of battle from the front line. My Grandfather felt a distinct impression to continue on his route. He heeded the prompting and immediately a shell flew overhead, exploding nearby, killing his 2 comrades.

By November 11th, 1918, on duty in Belgium he witnessed the signing of the Armistice. In America, November 11th is Veterans Day, but Poppies aren’t worn, so I feel honoured to wear one at a service, for those who gave their lives so we could be free.